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Interested in joining?

Joining Chippenham Rifle & Pistol Club

Please note we cannot allow the public on our ranges unless we hold official visitors’ days. We do not offer ‘taster’ sessions, sighting-in facilities, pay-as-you-go shooting or parties.

* Existing current members of other UK Home Office Approved rifle clubs may apply for earlier enrolment. Please "Contact Us" to enquire further.

The joining process

~ If you are interested in taking up shooting, or returning to the sport after a period away, or if you are moving to the area, you will need to contact us and ask to be put on the waiting list. Please "Contact Us"

~ When your name nears the top of the waiting list we will contact you and invite you to join one of our Probationary Induction Days. These are held approximately twice a year and each session last around 3 hours. Following the initial induction session there are follow-up probationary sessions which you will need to attend.

~ Before you start your Induction Day, you will need to complete an application form and return it to us at least two weeks before the Induction Date. The Club is legally bound to notify Wiltshire Police at least one week before the induction day that you have applied to join the Club; otherwise you will not be allowed to handle firearms or ammunition.

~ There will be a one-off non-returnable administration fee of £25 payable at the time of application (this fee includes any ammunition you use and targets on the first day only). For each follow-up session you will need to pay a £5 range fee, at least £3.50 (for a box of ammunition depending on the type) and 10p per target. All equipment is supplied by the Club.

~ The intensive Induction Day and all subsequent follow-up probationary training sessions are intended to give a thorough grounding in safety with firearms and a basic introduction to the skill of rifle shooting. As a Probationary Member you will be expected to attend no less than 8 times during a 3 month probationary period. This is the minimum length of probation although some people often take longer as it is dependent on a number of reasons including your safety on the range, your attendance, and the availability of Club officials to deliver the training and supervision.

~ The probationary follow-up sessions include a series of lectures and shooting practice on the Club’s 50m outdoor range. The lectures will include: Firearms Legislation, cleaning and maintenance of firearms, different types of rifle sights, bullet ballistics, reading the wind and its effects on bullet trajectories. There will be approximately two hours of shooting practice per follow-up probationary session.

~ To complete probation, you must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Club instructors that you can handle firearms and ammunition is a safe and competent manner. You will then be invited to attend regular club shooting sessions with continuing guidance.

It does not mean you have to be good at this stage as we can help you to improve your shooting over time!

~ Grant of full membership is made by a decision of the elected Committee of CR&PC. If you move to Full Membership more than half way through the membership year, you will only pay 50% of the membership rate for that year.

Membership rates can be found on the accompanying page: ‘Membership Fees & Information’.

~ We expect our Members to attend the range on a regular basis and shoot not less than once every three months, or as defined by the Club’s Bylaws and Constitution.

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