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Membership Fees & Information

Membership types

We have 2 main types of membership, and each membership type has a number of categories within it.

Type 1 - Full Membership

This membership type has voting rights on election of club officials and has access to all of the club support and facilities throughout the year. It provides the category of membership expected by the authorities as part of holding a firearms certificate. The 3 categories of full member and their respective criteria are given below in the table of fees.

Our membership year for full members starts on October 01st and runs through to September 30th of the following year.

Probationary Membership when first joining the club requires a joining fee of £25 and Probationary members then pay a range fee for each range attendance during the Probationary period. Range fee is £5.00 per vist.

Type 2 - Associate Membership

This membership type allows full members of other clubs to come and enjoy our outdoor range facilities at specific times of the calendar year, at an attractive cost and on a sliding scale.

It would not normally be sufficient evidence of sole club membership to support the holding of a firearms certificate, but it ensures that those who want to shoot with us can do so in a safe, cost-effective and organised manner.

We also have fees for Guest and Visitor Attendance where these are applicable.
Currently, these are £5.00 per visit for Guest or Visitor.
Additionally, we have a Social Member Category with an annual membership fee of £5. It is intended for those who support the club but no longer shoot, or do not wish to shoot or are perhaps parents of a Junior, who all want to be involved in the Club but where the full Member fee is not appropriate. Please contact the Secretary if this is of interest to you.

Full Membership
Provides shooting indoor & outdoor for the year
Renew annually on 01st Oct
Full Member - Junior £68
Must be aged 21 or under on 01st Oct
Full Member - Adult £135
Members that are neither Junior or Veteran on the 01st Oct
Full Member - Senior £92
Must be aged 65 or over on 01st Oct

Associate Membership
Permits outdoor shooting at Patterdown Range
Annual Associate Member £46
Valid from 01st Oct to 30th Sept of the following year (10% Discount available for 4 or more members of the same club taking Associate Membership)
Half Year Associate Member £34
Valid from 01st Apr to 01st Oct in the same year
Occasional Associate Member £5.00
Valid from 01st Apr to 31st Mar of following year. Member pays a range attendance fee on each visit, in addition to the membership fee