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Club Events Calendar & Competition shoots

Competition Shoots (Open Shoots)

During the year, CRPC run a number of Prone Rifle and Lightweight Sporting Rifle Open Shoots, bringing together shooters from other rifle clubs far and wide. These shoots are organized and run by club members for the benefit of shooters inside and outside of the club, and are very popular, successful and enjoyable.

While our programme of shoots is always open to change, we have typically conducted a course of fire including both an English Match and a Double Dewar, with Individual, Pairs and team entries. In recent years we have also introduced an annual LSR (Lightweight Sporting Rifle) Open Shoot with the course of fire being timed and or deliberate.

Competition details and Entry Forms will be available to download under each Competition respective headings'.

Sunday 12 May - Prone Rifle Open Prize Meeting, comprising an English Match (60 shots at 50m)

Sunday 30 June - Light-weight Sporting Rifle Open Prize Meeting, course of fire tbc

Sunday 14 July - Prone Rifle Open Prize Meeting, comprising a Double Dewar (40 shots at 100yd and 40 shots at 50m)

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