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About Us

Established in 1945, we are a Home Office Approved Shooting Club, Licence Number: Approval Reference: 2242236
We are affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA), Affiliation number: 04098., and to the National Rifle Association (NRA), Affiliation number: C1869., and to Wiltshire County Shooting Association (WCSA).

The shooting disciplines include: Small-bore target rifle, Light-weight Sporting Rifle (LSR), 3-Position, Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Long Barrelled Pistol and Benchrest.

Dear all Shooting users,

At Chippenham Rifle and Pistol Club CIC's Patterdown Range, only .22LR rimfire ammunition which has its velocity limited to 530 m/s (530 metres per second) and 285 joules can be used, as specified on the Range Safety Certificate.

Anyone wishing to use any ammunition which exceeds the above limitations will need to find an alternative club, where their certificate permits its use.


We are currently undergoing range development, and whilst we pledge to make the range and facilities accessible to all, we are not quite there yet.
Once the redevelopments have been completed, we anticipate the range and facilities will be accessible to many user-groups.


Please note, we DO NOT offer:
‘taster’ sessions, or,
sighting-in facilities, or,
pay-as-you-go shooting, or,
clay pigeon shooting or,

With the support of the Local Authority, CR&PC CIC has been able to develop the only outdoor 50m and 100yd shooting ranges in the county, offering shooters an unrivalled experience of shooting in various weather conditions.

Indoor Shooting Range - Press Release
The Club is very excited to be developing its indoor shooting range, here at Patterdown Range.

In the first instance, there will be provision for Air weapons to be shot over distances of 6m to 25m. There will be 10 lanes.

The Club will be relying on a lot of voluntary labour from its Members. So, depending on the progress of the build, this part of facility could be available for use as early as August/ September.

Shooting .22LR will not be possible until a ventilation system and other infrastructure have been installed (HEPA filters, 3-Phase electrical supply, electronic targets, bullet catchers etc).

This will require more investment, and we are in the process of applying for and securing additional funds.

.22LR shooting is unlikely to be available in the Indoor Range before 2024.

Further updates will be posted on the Public page of the Club’s website, under the sub-heading “About Us”