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Welcome to Chippenham Rifle & Pistol Club CIC website. CR&PC is affiliated to the NSRA and the Wiltshire County Shooting Association. CR&PC has recently become a Community Interest Company (CIC) and a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).

The Club's Ranges are currently closed for development works.
This is to update you of particular the challenges we face at this crucial and critical stage of redevelopment.

The Club’s Board of Directors appreciate that all our user-groups are keen and eager to get back to shooting on Patterdown Ranges. However, there are several important tasks that must be completed before this can happen:

~ The sand bullet catchers and earth bunds need to be at the specified angle and height, on both 50m and 100yd ranges,

~ The concrete slabs for the 100yd firing point and 50m firing point need to be in-situ and individual bay markings defined,

~ Construction of new and replacement target frames and support struts, both ranges,

~ New Metposts driven into the ground to support the new target frames/ targetry, both ranges.

The Construction engineers have been making great strides with increasing the height of the earth bunds; the sand from the 50m has been relocated to the 100yd sand-butt to increase its depth. All the drainage works have been completed for all buildings and the septic tank, and the foundation have been laid for the new 25m range. The concrete slab for the 100yd firing point has also been cast.

New sand has been bought in for the 50m sand-bullet catcher and to date is about 25% completed. Though, several of you will be aware that it can’t be any type of sand; it needs to be a certain British Standard type and quality (as specified in the guidance document). So, for this reason along with the demand on supply, there has been a shortage and delay in getting this to the range and similarly for the cement to cast the new 50m firing point. Therefore, it is for this reason we are also approximately a week behind schedule and we are not likely to re-open before the end of September. The 50m concrete firing point slab will need to be cast before we can erect the 50m target frames (as we need to ensure the correct distance: 50m exactly).

Only when the above tasks have been completed, can we then make a firm date with the Range Safety Inspector (appointed by the NSRA) to come and inspect and subsequently certify the range (providing it meets the given safety criteria). Once the RSI has given his/her approval and CR&PC CIC has received Certification can we then legally re-open for shooting.

We will keep you informed of further developments.

If you are not a member of the Club but would like to join, please contact the Club Secretary in the first instance.

If you are interested in hiring the range, please contact the Club Secretary.

All access to the range and facilities are subject to social-distancing restrictions and may be subject to change at short notice.

Contact the Club Secretary:

Find us on Facebook “Chippenham Rifle and Pistol Club”

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Making a donation using Gift Aid

Friday, 26 March 2021

If you would like to make a donation to Chippenham Rifle and Pistol Club CIC, and you pay Tax, you can now do so via gift aid.

The Club's Treasurer will be happy to send you Gift Aid Form.
Best wishes,

Club Treasurer

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Kongsberg Electronic Target Systems

Monday, 26 April 2021

This page is currently under construction.

Chippenham Rifle and Pistol Club Community Interest Company and registered Community Amateur Sports Club (Chippenham Rifle and Pistol Club CIC CASC) has secured exclusive rights to the sale of Kongsberg electronic targets in the UK and Ireland.

For more information, please contact the Club Secretary: